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Exclusive Jewelry made by the hands of immigrant women

Unique pieces made meticulously

Each one tells a story of life and passion to follow our dreams, connecting borders and speaking the universal language called...Art 

Express your inner beauty...
...with self-confidence

to I Love ME Gems

We provide growth opportunities to immigrant women from around the world living in Colorado.


With our help, they are able to better provide for their families and adapt to our culture in a peaceful and beautiful way.


ME offers immigrant women a chance to transcend language barriers and use their hands to transmit their inner beauty.


By creating beautiful pieces of jewelry with extreme care, they express gratitude for their new home and hope for a better life.  

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Thank you very much for visiting our website, our window to the world where we express with love what we do. We invite you to learn a little more about our project to create a united and diverse community in harmony. Scroll through our website and discover wonderful hidden treasures.
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