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copy of Temptation Necklace

Coral is a powerful and potent amulet when worn as a necklace as it helps dissolve spells and the evil eye. It brings well-being, joy, security as well as belief in oneself and helps induce prophetic dreams.

It is one of the antidepressant gems and it gives joy to the soul; its use motivates action, movement and has the wonderful virtue of eliminating envy, nervousness and jealousy.

It is useful for people who feel that they have lost their dynamism and are sad or pessimistic because they are going through some difficult situation in their life.
In our Latin cultures, we also use it to protect babies from bad vibes by placing it with a cord tied to their ankle.

18K gold-plated hypoallergenic chain 18" long with additional 2" extender chain, intervened with tiny natural corals and a pendant made of wood and resin.

copy of Temptation Necklace

Gems: Coral
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