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Hoops are found in history since ancient times around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, being present throughout the evolution of man.

They are earrings that we must always have in our jewelry box because they NEVER go out of style and we can use them at any age. These earrings, even if fashions and trends change, be it winter or summer, day or night, they will always look good on us. Over time they have become the most requested jewelry by women who are feminine and alluring.

They are a very interesting jewelry accessory, since they frame the face, softening your features and highlighting your look. The hoops go with everything!

We have made these designs with dainty gems such as turquoise, moonstone and yellow opal, very versatile for all outfits.

1.5″ Hypoallergenic silver hoops.

In feng shui, you would usually work with the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of these elements represents different qualities and types of energy, and you often add a particular element to a home to create more balance and activate that element’s qualities.

Manos Emprendedoras (ME), in English translates to entrepreneurial hands. We provide growth opportunities to immigrant women from around the world living in Colorado. With our help, they are able to better provide for their families and adapt to our culture in a peaceful and beautiful way.

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Moonstone, Turquoise, Yellow Opal