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I Love Me Gems, a Denver-based jewelry company that provides therapeutic jewelry making classes for immigrants and refugees, has received media recognition from a variety of outlets, including the Spanish-language news agency EFE.

In a July 2019 article, EFE highlighted the company’s mission to help immigrants and refugees heal from trauma and build community through jewelry making. The article also featured interviews with I Love Me Gems founder and CEO, Maria Garcia, and participants in the company’s classes.

Garcia, who is a first-generation Mexican-American, founded I Love Me Gems in 2018 after working as a social worker with immigrants and refugees. She saw firsthand the challenges that these individuals faced, including trauma, isolation, and lack of resources.

“I wanted to create a space where immigrants and refugees could come together and heal,” Garcia said in the EFE article. “Jewelry making is a creative outlet that can help people express themselves and connect with their emotions.”

I Love Me Gems offers a variety of jewelry making classes, including beginner and advanced classes, as well as classes for children and teens. The company also offers workshops and events that focus on specific themes, such as trauma healing and mindfulness.

In addition to EFE, I Love Me Gems has been featured in a number of other media outlets, including Hoy Los Angeles, LatinX Today, La Conexión USA, Alianza News, Hola News, World News en Español, La Oferta, El Economista América, Noticias Xtra, Yahoo Noticias, and El Expreso.

The media attention has helped to raise awareness of I Love Me Gems and its work. The company has seen a significant increase in enrollment in its classes since the EFE article was published.

“We’re so grateful for the media attention we’ve received,” Garcia said. “It’s helped us to reach more people and make a difference in their lives.”

I Love Me Gems is a shining example of how art and therapy can be used to help people heal and build community. The company’s work is an inspiration to us all.


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