Labradorite bar Necklace

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It is the stone you want on your side when you want to change certain aspects of your personality. It will gently guide you to undertake these changes without rush or demands.

Meditating with this iridescent stone calms the restless mind and prevents your thoughts from jumping from one place to another. That doesn’t mean it slows down the mind, in fact it does the opposite. If you’re feeling stuck in a routine or longing for a jump-start in your imagination, the iridescent cosmic swirls of this crystal are sure to get your artistic energy soaring.
This mineral clears away all that mental junk, revitalizing the spirit with a bright burst of energy and keeping you going instead of being weighed down by world events and personal responsibilities. If you ever need a little bit of motivation to accept the challenges that life throws at you, this litmus stone is always ready to be your personal mascot and cheer you up.

Exclusive design carefully handcrafted by immigrant women in Denver CO. The cutest present you can ever give!

16″ long with an additional 2″ extender chain. Hypoallergenic metal 18K gold plated.

Manos Emprendedoras (ME), in English translates to entrepreneurial hands. We provide growth opportunities to immigrant women from around the world living in Colorado. With our help, they are able to better provide for their families and adapt to our culture in a peaceful and beautiful way.